The Soul


The Soul is the consciousness of the perfect Self of the Universal Holy Spirit (God), made flesh in order to become visible to the individual. The Soul is indestructible and unique, we share it psychically.

For the needs of creation, the Soul is composed of two creative spheres of consciousness in order to express God's perfect will.

There is the higher sphere where the omniscient and perfect consciousness of the Self of Holy Spirit reigns eternal, and there is the lower sphere where reigns the limited and imperfect consciousness of the ego. This consciousness is at the root of the multiciplity of individual spirits, thus creating an inequitable world.

The higher sphere is the real world and the lower sphere is the relative world. This means that all the manifestations that men express are a relativity dependent upon their states of consciousness. In no way is this a reality. The reality of life is always perfect.

If man does not renounce his belief in his individual spirit, he will never express perfection. He will remain eternally in the sphere of metempsychosis and, depending on the age he lives in, will become reincarnated in order to express the dualistic causes he has erected in the relative portion of the Soul (his consciousness).