The physical world is the world we perceive through the consciousness of our five senses. We see it, hear it, touch it, taste it and smell it, and through the vital consciousness we experience pleasure or pain.

All humans are aware of this world because it is visible. But they do not know or do not fully understand the psychical world. This world can only be perceived with the omniscient Superior Consciousness. But this consciousness will remain in the background as long as men continue to identify themselves with their individual minds. This is why people are unable to anticipate the manifestations of the psychical world in the physical world, because it is invisible and imperceptible to most of us.

The physical world is governed by the law of cause and effect (retribution), and its corollary, reincarnation. It rules over the physical realm completely. Absolutely nothing can manifest itself in the physical world unless, prior to that, it has been generated by the consciousness of the psychical world.

It is not the visible world we ought to fear, but the invisible world. The only way we can protect ourselves against it is through the Omnipotent power of God.

The invisible world is called the “astral plane”; it is both our inside and our outside world. And we will endure everything that we produce in the heart of its creative substance, as long as we remain under its yoke. However, through the grace of the universal consciousness of the incarnated Holy Spirit, we can already reintegrate its perfect sphere. This is how we can avoid the infernal enforcement of the law of retribution, which has been under the curse of God for 2,013 years.